The drugs (policies) don’t work

The Bristol Cable has written an article about drug policies and the Compass Project:

‘The truth is when you have an addiction you no longer have a choice’,

Tony, who used crack and heroin for thirty years, tells me.

‘I was doing drugs just to function. Once you’re in that disease and it’s got you, you act against your will on many occasions doing things you don’t want to do because any constructive thought you have in your head is overridden by the thought of needing drugs’.

Tony is one of an estimated 82,000 in Bristol whose lives have been affected by drug addiction – either their own, or the addiction of a loved one, and many more have problems with alcohol. I met Tony at the Compass Project in Staple Hill, a social enterprise made up entirely of people with a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Many have been in and out of prison. All the volunteers are in recovery and are given work experience and training to help reintegrate them into a society many had never felt a part of…

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